Diamond Garden, Chembur, Mumbai

Shree Narayan Gajanan Acharya Garden is popularly known as Diamond garden. Infact that whole area and even the residential area is known as Diamond garden.


This is a decent sized garden with lots of chidrens’ play equipments and to my surprise all of them in good conditions.

IMG_5848 IMG_5849IMG_5843  IMG_5831

This garden has some unique eye candies that might attract kids. There is a GNAT MK fighter plane on display.

IMG_5850 IMG_5853 IMG_5856 IMG_5863IMG_5857

The landscaping of this garden is neat and colourful. The walking tracks have distance measurements written on them for those who keep goals. Three rounds on this track and you have clocked in 1.15 kms.

IMG_5861 IMG_5862  IMG_5835 IMG_5838

There are lots of precast seats on the sides for you to stop and take a breath. The garden is pretty leafy with big huge trees and palms. It is almost centrally located on the main road so the traffic encircles the garden, but once you step inside there’s enough greens to relax you. There are water fountains at all four corners which do not function.

Overall this is a park that is worth a visit if you are in the neighbourhood.




  1. What time did you go? Whenever we go it is full of people! Lovely photos of the flowers. This is a nice garden, thanks for this post reminding me to go more often.

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