Shrikant Doshi Udyan, Nr. Sion Koliwada Station, Mumbai

This is yet another small garden located right outside the Sion Koliwada station. The more I visit these gardens I am convinced that these are the kinds of gardens which we need right in the middle of our existence.

IMG_5742 IMG_5744

Some kind of eye candy in the garden for kids. Eagles, tigers and elephants all of same sizes. Guess there’s humor in it too.

IMG_5745 IMG_5747

I have observed that these small gardens are generally supported by some or the other religious groups. For example here the group that maintains the garden is Brahmakumari. They conduct their bhajan sessions, etc. When I was taking a walk at this garden, one of the ladies who was sweeping the place came upto me. She told me that I am an “Atma” meaning soul and there is a “paramatma” mean the Boss who sits above us all. She told me that the world runs in sessions of about 5000 years. Her eagerness to indoctrinate me was stunning. The world will ultimately come to an end, but no she was not referring to global warming.

Finally I think as long as someone keeps the place clean I am fine with it.

IMG_5748  IMG_5750 IMG_5751     IMG_5753

The play equipments are in a tattered and broken state.

IMG_5749    IMG_5754    IMG_5752

These gardens can become the new oxygen pumping stations of our community. I see people from lower income groups also exercising and walking which I though was a happy sign!


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