Bombay Port Trust, Colaba, Mumbai

The Bombay Port Trust (BPT) garden or Sagar Upvan is a quintessential garden. Tucked at the end of the narrow lanes of Colaba causeway, this garden is quite well kept. This garden is open for two hours in the morning from 8-10 and in the evening from 4.30 to 8.30 pm. Not long enough, I say. The entry fees is trivial as I don’t remember how much it was.

IMG_2312 1IMG_2306 1

IMG_2303 1
IMG_2298 1
Root Artwork

IMG_2278 1

IMG_2293 1
Senior Citizens’ corner

IMG_2290 1

IMG_2274 1
Collection of Cacti

There’s a cactus garden at the entrance which is housed under a neat semi open space. There are a handful of varieties of cacti species. All kinds of creepers and climbers are hugging the tree trunks. Our very own household money plant show off their huge lotus like leaves. An exposed uprooted tree trunk which is now a painted artwork, reminds me of an idyllic bonfire scene. Few precast benches under the trees provide a quiet space.

This garden is heavily wooded. There’s the grand old peepal tree, bamboo bushes, palms, mango, rainforest, flaming gulmohar, bright copper pod tress and several other. The muscular arms of this banyan tree sits with its vast canopy.

Somewhere in the middle of the garden under the shades is some open space on a mound. This is a picture of my daughter’s picnic scene, after the snack time they roll on the grass. IMG_4190

There’s a mud walking track all along the periphery of the garden. In the morning time one can see health enthusiasts zipping past you on the track. Also lined all along are a few benches, a great opportunity to admire the sunset.

Overall its a great place to spend few hours in the evening and if you have kids its a must go over a weekend. Hungry as we are for open and green spaces in this city, such places are a sigh of relief.

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