K in Kerala

This post I write from my hometown, Taliparamba in Kannur district of Kerala. This is our annual trip to celebrate Onam and spend some time with family. We (my daughter (2.5yrs) and I) are here in the thick of the monsoon and it is as green as it can get. Like my husband says there is life in every square inch around you. It is a very smallish town for the city dwellers. But in no sense makes you feel disconnected with the 21st century. People have iphones, 24X7 internet connection, supermarkets flush with cartons of milk (soy, regular and skim), boxes of ferrero rocher and Ragu pizza sauce to name a few.

Though I was not worried but was wondering how she will spend her day here. I had packed none of her toys except for few books and planned to leave her exploring nature.

Here’s a list of things that K has been doing all these days. Found it difficult to capture all her experiences in pictures so I have included various small videos also. Hope you enjoy them!

1. Chasing butterflies

You can find these insects heart galore here. Varied colours and sizes zipping away in the morning light. She would run behind them and stop suddenly to realize that she has lost her target. She would give me a look and the unasked question would be, who is fooling around with me? Soon she realised that it is as much fun to stand at one place and watch. With great difficulty and many attempts I have been able to record these videos.

2. Doing blupp!

This is a revelation for her. We had done this before, but it was never so much fun. We would collect to make a pile of stones and sit on the steps of the temple pond. The show begins as she would throw them one by one and they would do a Blupp! Yesterday sitting on the potty seat, she was elated to find out that it also does a blupp!

3. Music of water

Rainwater runs off into a local stream closeby our house. The gush of water, screeching cricket, squealing insects put up an orchestra. K would give them an audience while musing at the unheard sounds. Or perhaps sleeping with her eyes open. There is some sort of calmness in this otherwise chaotic noise.

4. Watching the rains
I guess all of us like to do this. Gazing at the rains and slowly trailing away in our own thoughts. We sit on the steps in our verandah; I usually become drowsy whereas K has contrasting effect. What excites her the most is the cool mist. She giggles as it touches her face and dances like someone has tickled her. And to top it all here comes ammama (grandma) with a plate full of hot murruku (chakri).

5. Magic of the touch-me-not
This indeed is magic. You touch one and will want to touch them all. It can be an addiction. K goes on a frenzy and says she’s putting them to sleep.

6. Droplets on the leaf
The droplets post rains sit on these leaves like tiny silver balls. They begin to dance once you touch the leaf. Are the leaves teflon coated? Try catching them before they slide off. It would be a test of dexterity. K calls this as duoing duoing of water. Probably she means dancing dancing!

7. Buzzing Dragonfly

They are the busiest creatures I have seen so far. Spotting them and holding them in your vision itself can be a game. I saw pink and white/black striped which I had never seen before.


8. Flowers everywhere

She would collect a handful when she’s back from her walk with Ammama.


9. Birdwatching



10. Last but not the least

There is no Kerala visit without seeing an elephant. Isn’t it?


She finds this place new everytime we come here. In a few days we pack and leave only to return again!



  1. hey rajita,reading this not only gave me an insight to your creative writing and some what camera(?) skills but also the discoveries by Ms.K :-)keep it up!!

  2. Very nice ! So lucky to be romancing Nature so close …keep us posted with such nice pics, clips and write-ups …very refreshing !!!

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