Joggers’ and Walkers’ Park, Juhu

As soon as I entered this park the first thing that came to my mind is order. There is a tiny fee of Rs.5 to enter and one can also take a monthly pass. You will see a lot of discipline among the people who come to take their walks. People walk in a particular direction that is marked and you will be politely corrected if you do otherwise.

The park that way is a small one but the landscape is excellent.

IMG_2716 1 IMG_2717 1

There is a designated children’s play area not to large but a neat one with a variety of play equipments. The equipments seem to be in hail and hearty condition. There were not enough children for a Sunday morning, which probably explains the decent condition of the slides and swings.

IMG_2718 1 IMG_2719 1

There is a huge area with plastic chairs laid as if waiting for some inauguration. Later upon asking I was told that those were permanent arrangement and was meant for regular walkers to congregate for their daily exchanges or gossip as they say!

IMG_2720 1 IMG_2723 1

There are swings for the elderly who wish to take a break from there several rounds of walks. There is a mud track for the joggers and a paved track for walkers and those with the strollers.

IMG_2724 1 IMG_2725 1

I saw few people doing yoga on a elevated platform and making lazy poses or they were just lounging under the sun. There’s a gazebo right in the middle of the lawn and I caught a few who were gloriously napping all while the sun was inching up our head. Well it was Sunday morning who can blame them.

All in all I would highly recommend going to this garden, as it is neatly kept and nicely landscaped.

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