Kaifi Azmi Park, Juhu, Mumbai

Kaifi Azmi Park is located at one of the premium real estate places in Juhu. As shown in the map, its a long stretch of land and besides it is a nullah. For a really long time this piece of land was neglected and was used as a garbage dumping ground, cars repairing places, etc.

Picture 3

IMG_5528         IMG_5527

After the local Residents’ Association got active and decided to revamp the place, it got changed as a public green space. This space was particularly developed for the locals as a space for walking and jogging. The landscape across the garden is unique and there are many medicinal plants with placards of their details on them.IMG_5526     IMG_5524

There are two gazebos at either ends of the park, where people sit and meditate.

IMG_5522     IMG_5513IMG_5505 IMG_5503

There are two gazebos on either ends of the park where you can see people meditating. There are many such seating arrangements too for relaxing or catching up with friends.

IMG_5518     IMG_5514   IMG_5525

This garden is in a way a small one with approx 7000 sq.m. and it is engulfed with dense foliage all around. A quintessential green space in the midst of a concrete city. Wish there were more of these!



  1. Would like to bring to notice that the boundary wall on nullah/N.S. Rd no 10 side, is completely broken down and the garden is totally exposed to filth, dirt and any one can sneak in through when the park is closed.
    This side needs urgent repairs. I do not know who is responsible for the upkeep. This may please be brought to the relevant administrator’s notice. Thank you. Concerned Citizen of Juhu. 24th Feb 2014

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