Rajesh Khanna Garden or Rotary Park, Santacruz West, Mumbai

This is a garden with lots of names. First of all the name “Rajesh Khanna Garden”, I don’t know and its not written anywhere. So I asked around and all said this is the one. There’s a foundation stone at the entrance that tells me its developed by the Rotary organisation but maintained by Kamla Raheja Foundation.

This garden is well kept and organised. But there’s something that doesn’t make me feel at home. I don’t know if its the lack of trees around or the tall storeys around. It looks very made up and not very organic.

Here’s the map of how you get there from Linking Road.

Picture 2

There is a walking track along the periphery.

IMG_4691 IMG_4692 IMG_4693


Yes they have something that none of the other gardens have. On display is a run down Toy Train! Oh wow they have tracks too, was it supposed to be working? Must have been really long time ago.

IMG_4697 IMG_4698 IMG_4700 IMG_4705

Play equipments look decent and new.

IMG_4702   IMG_4710

Water fountains without any water! So do they know what they are for?


This garden seems to the frequented mostly by senior citizens who come in the mornings for their walks. On the weekends they are generally packed with kids.


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