Non-Dolphin Acquarium, Irla, Mumbai

It is called the Dolphin Acquarium which is an utter deception. I felt cheated, like going to an Udipi restaurant and being denied Idli and Wada. But after visiting the place I could reason, it is probably a business strategy. The BARC dome like looking structure is the aqcuarium which is surrounded by a man made artificial pond. You can take a boat ride here for about 15 Rs./person, and scores of ducks or geese (what’s difference between them, btw? Need to go through a pre-school library) along with turtles give you company.

Picture 3

Once we entered the gate, there stood two large birds walking around as if patrolling. If you don’t pay attention, they might just pick pocket you, so beware of (Ostrich?) No, its an Emu. One of my friends corrected me humbly. There were lots of other birds, ofcourse in their cages.





The dome structure of the acquarium looked a bit rickety to me. There were tarpaulin sheets tied up at various places and the cement-filled cracks looked prominent on the ceiling. Once we got the kids inside, they began squealing with excitement. At the peak of their reverberation, I took a serious look at all the glass cases with wriggly and wiggly stuff. I heard the crackling and just like in movies the gush of water came through the glass boxes violently carrying along the exotic species with it.

Just then in between this 2 sec movie in my mind, K shouted in my ears…”Amma, nokku nokku Nemo!”

I paused the movie and told her sweetly, “This is a clown fish, baby.”

“No, its Nemo!”, K said getting herself geared up.

“Well, sure it is then, sweetopie.” I said thinking of the greater common good. I thought to myself how humble and adjusting I have become. Gone are the days of this fierce argumentator, I have outgrown it!


Oh yes, how could I forget the toy train? It was rather parked permanently on one side. The kids didn’t ask why it wasn’t moving so we didn’t inquire.


All in all this is a place to be, yeah ofcourse. Do we have the luxury of choice? It should be a change to see something besides people, buildings and cars.

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