Central Park, Khargar, Navi Mumbai

It is a long way to get here. If you live in Mumbai Suburban this might feel like going for an excursion. Central Park in Khargar is around 100 acres partly developed and yet to be. Abutting this property is the extravagant Khargar Golf Course. When I visited last monsoon, it was surrounded by greens and was relatively new.

The main building was still under construction. The park has lots of play areas for children of all ages. There is one specifically meant for toddlers with rubberised flooring. All the play equipments look new and unique. There is a huge amphitheater waiting to be rocked by a concert. At the entrance is a huge water fountain where kids seem glued.


Now this blog is not really about how good this place is. But it is about how long this place is going to remain good. Here are a few pictures.


Toddlers’ play area


Women sitting on children’s swings


This is called stliding, which is standing + sliding


A middle aged man (looks somewhat on a heavier side) sitting on children’s car.


I understand she might have been deprived of the childhood fun


Heres a close up


Yes they all want to slide!


Saree and burqa laden women taking turns with their toddlers in the lap


I don’t know if you see what I see…heres another close up


He is swinging with a baby in his lap


I won’t be surprised to see the slides broken and empty swing frames next time I go here. But I will be disappointed to see how fast it would have been degraded. It almost seems like gluttony of a different kind. Finishing it off before anyone else can have it.

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  1. By Veeraj Doshi: who will bell the cat? Who will teach them the etiquettes and manners? Coz their parents are also uneducated!

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