Follow up on H.B.Shivdasani Udyan, Sion West, Mumbai

I submitted the signed letter at the BJP office in Matunga. I could not meet the corporator, Mrs. Rajshree Shrivadkar but met the BJP head from Wadala Mr. Gupta. I explained to him the situation of the park and showed him various photographs that I had taken at the park. I requested him that the least we demand is a clean place.

Later during last week since I could not meet Mrs. Corporator I called her up and emailed the copy of the petition to her. Monday of this week I called her again and spoke to her about what she was thinking. She said that BMC is planning on a theme park in Sion and so expending money right now seems not so feasible. There are no funds right now, so they may have to borrow from the MLA’s Funds. I asked her how long will it take, to which she said “Two years”. How many of you believe this? But in my mind’s eye I started seeing the slideshow of Disneyland already. I asked her where is the place for such a park in Sion, she didn’t seem to have an answer. “Are you planning to combine all the parks in Sion?” I asked. I know this is a stupid question how can you physically combine them all, to which I got a stupid answer “No every park will have its own theme”. I did not delve more into the word “theme”. But what I understand from this is that she is completely clueless. I requested her again that the minimum she could do is clean up the place. and I am sure there must be already someone on the BMC payroll who is assigned this job.

I discussed about this with a friend of mine who gave me some nice ideas and this is what we are going to do:

1. Let us all  plan to call the corporator on the same day and ask her about this issue. 

2. I plan to call her every monday till she gives me a convincing answer or till I get tired…:(

The call day is 3rd Aug (Friday) and her cell no. is 9869852149. I request you all to call her on this day and request her to take some action.




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